Jake Lees

About me

I write code for fun and to contribute to open source projects. I love experimenting with different front-end and back-end web frameworks and libraries to further expand my knowledge. I'm extremely passionate about the web, learning different coding/programming languages, and various technologies.
Some of my current favourite technologies include:

  • Node.js/Deno
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Golang
  • Svelte
  • Vue

I've been learning more and more about UX and UI design through the continued development and experimentation through my Oris css framework (found on my GitHub)

I'm currently an experienced datacenter technician working for IBM Cloud.

Whenever work is slow, I like to keep myself occupied by developing tools that my team and I can use to increase productivity.

I've made it a personal goal to learn Dart and Flutter.

Current Projects

Max Lees Books

A simple authors website showing his works and linking to his book/s.


A custom in-memory database with some decently advanced querying/filtering options. Written in typescript and compiled for the front or backend.


A custom css framework written for various projects. It's what's styling this page in fact.


A simple toast notification library for the web. Creates a toast notification at the bottom of the page

Waveline Server - Golang

A rewrite of the waveline-server API originally created by Wellenline.

Waveline Client - Svelte

A web client for the Waveline server (i.e. Waveline Server - Golang) written with Svelte. (Under construction)