Jake Lees

About me

I write code for fun and to contribute to open source projects. I love experimenting with different front-end and back-end web frameworks and libraries to further expand my knowledge. I'm extremely passionate about the web, learning different coding/programming languages, and various technologies.
Some of my current favourite technologies include:

I've been learning more and more about UX and UI design through the continued development and experimentation through Oris - my custom css framework (found on my GitHub)

While working as a datacenter technician for IBM Cloud, I worked on internal tooling to ease day to day operations for the team, as well as other teams.
In addition to internal tooling, I created libraries to make interacting with the internal IBM Cloud API easier. Everything is well documented, and can be found on my github <brocococonut/SLAPIWrapper>

Whenever work is slow, I like to keep myself occupied by developing tools and libraries to help increase my skillset and knowledge

Current Projects

Title: Max Lees Books
Type: Website

A simple authors website showing his works and linking to his book/s.

Title: MemsDB
Type: Database/Utility

A custom in-memory database with some decently advanced querying/filtering options. Written in typescript and compiled for the front or backend.

Title: Oris
Type: CSS/Utility

A custom css framework written for various projects. It's what's styling this page in fact.

Title: Toast.js
Type: Utility

A simple toast notification library for the web. Creates a toast notification at the bottom of the page

Title: Waveline Server - Golang
Type: API

A rewrite of the waveline-server API originally created by Wellenline.

Title: Waveline Client - Svelte
Type: API Client

A web client for the Waveline server (i.e. Waveline Server - Golang) written with Svelte. (Under construction)